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Production & Distribution


Lidcombe Ice is one of the largest producers of high quality, food-grade ice in Australia. We can produce 240 tonnes of party ice per day or 87,600 tonnes annually.

We are capable of storing close to 1,900 pallets across our 5 distribution outlets.

Our production plant incorporates state of the art equipment to ensure you get the best quality food grade product at the best price.

Lidcombe Ice products are palletised for convenience of storing, loading and supply chain management.



Lidcombe Ice has its own fleet of refrigerated vehicles to service its customers 365 days a year.

During the peak season we can call upon a myriad of tried and tested contractors at short notice to ensure you get our Ice products when you need them.

Lidcombe Ice has incorporated an intelligence scheduler to assist to monitoring and forecast usage to ensure our customers never run out of ice.

We have also invested in route optimisation software to make our deliveries faster and more efficient which will help you get the best possible service at the lowest price.

Our delivery drivers are trained to comply with customer instructions and the safe and efficient delivery of ice products. All Lidcombe Ice deliveries can be tracked in real time and invoicing is done onsite with the latest software, devices and printers.